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How To's

These are links to the illustrated upgrades.

Intake Hoses Replace the stock air intake hoses and anti-reverb cannister on 92-95 RT/10's
Skipshift Disable Disable the 1-4 skipshift
Add a shift reminder Add a light that reminds you to shift before it's too late!
Cooling System Bleeder Kit Looking for an easy way to "Burp" your Viper? Here's the kit you need.
Racing Harness Install a 5 or 6-point racing harness
Shift Knob Install a "short shift" lever
Hanger Bracket Fix the squeaky exhaust hangers on '92 & '93 RT/10s
Purging your Cooling System How to purging air (burp) from your cooling system
Roller Rockers How to install Crower Roller Rockers
Throttle Synchronization Adjust and synchronize your throttle cables
B&M Ripper Shifter Install short-throw shifter
HVAC Control knobs Install the MGW polished HVAC control knobs
K&N Filters Install K&N air filters
Mystery Switch Finding a use for The Mystery Switch
V-Mania Windows Installing the V-Mania windows for your Roadster
Camera Mount Installing Dean Word's GTS Camera Mount
Battery Maintenance Installing/Removing and maintaining your Viper battery
Shock Absorbers Installing a Comptire Adjustable Shock Kit