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Lemon laws vary from state to state but most have the same fundamental idea behind them.  Lemon laws were created to protect the consumer from cars that have been continually problematic during an initial period of ownership.  Most state lemon laws allow the lemon laws to assist the consumer if their car has been out of service for more than 30 days, or have been out of service for the same issue more than 3 times.

In most cases an educated consumer can follow the appropriate lemon law proceedings within their state to force the manufacturer to buy back their car, or provide them with a new car at no cost.

In some cases a lemon law attorney or lawyer may be needed to represent the consumer in complicated cases, or where the manufacturer is not cooperating.  The lemon laws in some states provide that the manufacturer must pay your legal fees if your case is successful.  This page contains information and links to lemon law resources to assist with your lemon law research.